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Fair Fashion

At Sabi we aspire to be thoughtful across every step of the way. Our team in Bali and Australia are more than just a factory, they are a family that has supported the growth of Sabi to make it what it is today. We want to make sure that at all stages we are creating a positive impact on the lives of the people who make our swimwear.

Every employee in our brand's production team is paid above minimum wage and work regular hours with paid; holiday, sick, and maternity leave. 

Health, safety, and working conditions of the factory follow the internationally recognised standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative. 

Minimising Waste

We work closely with our supply chain to minimise as much waste as possible. Off-cuts or leftover fabric is minimised through smart production techniques. We consistently evaluate our stock levels and production orders to ensure that we are not over ordering.

Our Mission

At Sabi, we are committed to creating and developing long term partnerships with our factories that share a common vision of ethical manufacturing, accountability and transparency. Recognising the importance of educating alongside providing products, we are striving towards transparency in all facets of our operations. This journey entails extensive research on our end and enlightening our collaborators on the benefits of embracing transparency.